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Trump Sacramento Rally, “Yea I Was There, But I Don’t Support Him For President”

trump sacramento 3
Trump Sacramento Rally “Yea I Was There, But I Don’t Support Him For President”

First Degree The D.E. explains his attendance at the Trump Sacramento rally and more

By Jimmy Frinks of The Fahrenheit Record

July 29, 2016

In the face of surrounding rumors and pressure about his alleged support of Donald Trump, First Degree The D.E. clears the air about his confirmed presence at the Trump Sacramento rally, his upcoming video, and the ‘Summer Of Fahrenheit’.

While traveling California, making his case to the American people, presidential hopeful Donald Trump held a rally in Sacramento on June 1st, 2016. The rally was held at The Sacramento Metro Airport with an intense police presence. This rally was preceded by a turbulent Chicago cancelation, and was followed by a bloody San
Jose Trump protest brawl. The Sacramento hangar in which this event was held, was secure, with the occational protests.

trump sacramento 16

trump sacramento 15

Supporters and protesters occasionally clashed in the two hour line

The Trump Sacramento rally line was two hours long, consisted of mostly white males, and bared a few protestors and conflicts. The media was deep, there was 10,000+ rally goers in attendance, and both tension and fun were in the air. Although a few flirted with the imagery, there were no confederate symbols seen. Republicans had come from the surrounding regions to hear the official nominee fire up the crowd, trash the media, and explain that America was going to be great again under his presidential leadership.

Trump sacramento 1

Trump arrives in Sacramento in dramatic fashion

On time, Donald Trump dramatically landed in his name-incrusted plane within eyeshot of the rally, to a frenzied crowd. The plane pulled up to the hangar, and ‘The Donald’ made his entrance. He literally began where he had left off the rally before, explaining how the media mistreated him during the veteran donation scandal, and trashing local Sacramento media as a result. The next 40 minutes was just what the supporters relished for, Trump’s random ideas on building a wall on the border, Hillary Clinton, China, our military, the economy; the full array of ‘Trump’. Once over, the rally goers appeared content with the performance, and left the hangar energized for a Trump presidency.

trump sacramento 11

trump sacramento 4

Trump asks the crowd, “Who’s gunna pay for the wall?!”

Days after the rally, rumors spread in the Sacramento streets that one of the few African-Americans that attended the Trump was none other that local rapper First Degree The D.E.

A YouTube video of the full rally, posted by Right Side Broadcasting, clearly shows an African American man in the front, near Trump, during a post-rally meet and greet. His arms appear on the right of screen at the 50:30 mark of the video. At one point, it appears verbal and/or nonverbal communication is made between the presidential hopeful and the Black man. Once word spread that the Black man was wearing First Degree The D.E.’s signature red, black, and green wristbands, the video went semi viral and First Degree The D.E. says he felt the heat from fans and friends alike for “supporting a demagogue racist”. The Fahrenheit Record spoke to the Sacramento vet to set the record straight.


First Degree The D.E. at the Trump Sacramento rally

“Yea I was there, but I don’t support him for president” First Degree clarifies. “He’s funny to me, he’s a simple, privileged man that speaks off the cuff, is addicted to power, an isolationist, a bully, a sexist, and knows how to stir fear. Its great!”  First Degree continues, pointing out that Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president, and feels Trump is too vindictive for the Oval Office. “Can you imagine Donald Trump with the nuclear codes? We’d be on the verge of war because of a Twitter feud! Trump would be great as a new and improved Rush Limbaugh, on the air everyday ranting, but not a Commander-In-Chief. He doesn’t have enough empathy.” First Degree The D.E. also notes that living to serve the people, “isn’t something you can turn on like a light switch, its a passion that burns one’s whole life.” The Sacramento rap legend also affirms that he and the presidential hopeful did communicate briefly.



Post rally, First Degree The D.E. and The Fahrenheit Record was allowed clearance to Donald Trump

When asked if he thought Donald Trump was a racist, First Degree The D.E. goes on to explain that he agrees with Seattle area activist and artist Thunderchief, with his view that Trump is an ethnocentric. According to Merrian-Webster, you are an ethnocentric if you have ‘the idea that your own group or culture is better or more important than others’. “As a Marcus Garvey Black Nationalism learner, its hard for me to hate on that,” First Degree admits.

While addressing Trump followers, First Degree The D.E. has observed that many of the them are White people that feel the benefits of white supremacy slowly seeping away. “A white person doesn’t have to be a racist to appreciate American white supremacy. To some whites, the thought of an equally diverse nation is exciting and stimulating. To others, the thought of true racial equality is threatening. To the latter whites, America was ‘theirs’, they are losing it, and it’s time to to ‘take it back’. Code words like ‘silent majority’ and ‘great again’, the quoting of negative minority statistics, are calls to white supremacy,” First Degree discloses. “The strong minded whites have an obligation to lift their small minded, white supremacy-clinging brothers out of the bounds of their fear”


Trump Sacramento 9 curry timberlake

The Fahrenheit Record Video

In time, First Degree The D.E. leaked the true reason he was at the Trump Sacramento rally, it was to film a video. “For the last three months, I’ve been takin’ on the persona of a reporter. My next video, ‘The Fahrenheit Record’ is dedicated to the hottest, upcoming urban news site in the region by the same name. It’s a funny parady on the news and what goin’ on in the world.” The song is featured on First Degree’s latest album, ‘Black Bane, Misunderstood Hero, Part 1’. ‘The Fahrenheit Record’ song questions the motives of mainstream media and does something about it by creating its own news publication.

The Fahrenheit Record song was first leaked by Sacramento News & Review. It is produced by Sacramento legend Phonk Beta and the upcoming video is being directed by Fahrenheit genius, Sic Ill.

In addition to the Trump Sacramento rally, The D.E.’s three months as a reporter included exclusive stories and footage from many news makers. The list includes Bernie Sanders, The Sacramento Black Lives Matter Movement, Steph Curry, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson, Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Blake Bortles, Andre Iguodala, Wes Welker, Tim Brown, Marcus Allen, The Fahrenheit Crew, the list goes on. When asked if all of these celebrities were in the upcoming ‘The Fahrenheit Record’ video, First Degree The D.E. confirmed by saying, “Like Mac Dre told me, they all in my moooovie!”

trump sacramento 12 black lives matter

Sacramento Black Lives Matter activists take to the state capitol

trump sacramento 10 jerry rice

Jerry Rice takes time off golf to give attention to The Fahrenheit Record

First Degree The D.E.’s ‘The Fahrenheit Record’ music video will air in August 2016.


trump sacramento 7 awall aka 2piece

Summer Of Fahrenheit

The ‘Summer Of Fahrenheit’ is a term that has been floating around the internet as of late. For the record, we asked First Degree The D.E. what is was all about.

“The Summer Of Fahrenheit gave birth to the new talent we have for the Fahrenheit family and our worldwide fanbase,” First Degree informs, “providing shlappage for your speakers. First off, the Bay Area’s Oji & The Ascension Team came wit that ‘Technoetics’. Pure African instrumental, soulful vibe for you to meditate to. Greg Double came next, that Norf Wes party music happin’ wit that ‘From Tacoma With Love’. Den that AWALL aka 2Piece, the Tacoma O.G. came with that ‘Rock It Like This’, makin’ the game pop! Be on the lookout for the #RecognizeTacoma movement tho. The Summer Of Fahrenheit is taking Fahrenheit’s West Coast world-wide! Soupbone and Josh Rizeberg up next too, Fahrenheit’s on fire right now!”

In addition, First Degree The D.E. proudly boasts of the upcoming upgrades to their websites, including FirstDegreeTheDE.com, SacramentoRap.com, CaliforniaRap.com, USRapNews.com, and TacomaRap.com. The Summer Of Fahrenheit also included a First Degree video appearance on French rapper GhostDEST’s video, ‘Parania’.


trump sacramento 6 hillary clinton


First Degree explains he’s voting for Hillary Clinton in November. He explains that he voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary knowing Hillary would win it in this TFR article about the Bernie Sacramento rally. He conceds that his vote was more of a “point vote” supporting Bernie and his ideas, and that Senator Sanders’ intentions are “pure”. First Degree informs us that he admires Hillary Clinton and her service record, as well.

“My dad’s family is from Arkansas. My uncle, Eddie D. Colen, had a personal relationship with the Clintons, and that’s good enough for me. She has the ‘service bug’. I’ve moved forward on my thoughts.” First Degree reveals.



*Note The Fahrenheit Record attended the Hillary Clinton Sacramento rally, but it was closed early to the public.

Visit The Fahrenheit Record at FahRecord.com. Listen to The Fahrenheit Record on Sacramento News & Review’s Soundcloud HERE.

tech n9ne is trying to steal brotha lynch's wife first degree Black Bane Cover

First Degree The D.E. “Black Bane” OUT NOW! HERE!

Trump Sacramento AWALL aka2piece rock it like this

AWALL aka 2Piece ‘Rock It Like This’ OUT NOW! HERE!

TechnoeticsFrontInsert ReOji & The Ascension Team ‘Technoetics’ OUT NOW! HERE!

MI0004055139Greg Double ‘From Tacoma With Love’ OUT NOW! HERE!



Tacoma Rap Is The Next To Blow


Tacoma Rap Is The Next To Blow

Jimmy Blog For The Fahrenheit Insight

When Sacramento rap first hit the scene in the 90’s, it was known for its gritty, uncut, unique, raw, dark sound. As Sacramento rap grew, it developed a world-wide fan base. The Sacramento rap sound was street, controversial, innovative and pure.

The Fahrenheit Insight caught up with First Degree The D.E. on a mission to find out the direction Fahrenheit was headed for 2015. He was animate about the next town he saw to be the next medium size city top blow up on the national rap scene like Sacramento once did. “Tacoma, Washington,” First Degree The D.E. concedes with a sly grin.

“Tacoma reminds me so much of the town (Sacramento) when we was comin up!” First Degree The D.E. explains with excitement. “Its rappers thats so hungry with a purpose out there, they gunna bite each other’s heads off! Its time for them to have the stage.”

seattle seahawks fahrenheit records

Seattle Seahawks earn back to back Superbowl appearances, bring attention to the area

With the Seattle Seahawks earning a spot in the Superbowl two years in a row, the nation was already getting a glimpse into the crown of the Northwest. Tacoma, Seattle’s little brother city 30 miles south, is in a current political struggle, consisting of, amoung others, community government relations, the infamous Hilltop area’s gentrification wave, and minimum wage. Whenever you have the people in unrest, new expressions emerge to tell the story, enlighten us, and ease our minds, Tacoma rap.

First Degree vows that Fahrenheit will put their money where their mouth is and invest in the new sounds of the Tacoma streets. He says he’s secured the rights to TacomaRap.com and points out his team is currently working on the site, aimed at bringing attention to the music of the area.

“Tacoma rap reminds me of how rap started”, The D.E. discloses, “The peope of the streets feeling unheard, wanting to make you think. wanting to make you laugh and have fun. Some of its lyrical,  political, inpirational, and some of it is comical, just like the 90’s when rap was pure!”

beanz and sicc ill

Tacoma’s Cool Beanz and Sic Ill have the Tacoma underground on fire

First Degree then describes a couple of Halloween shows he threw a few years ago in the Seattle area. He explains that while he was there to put on a show, he also went to the Northwest looking for new talent. He tells of a nice show at the perfect Seattle night club, 88 Keys, right next to the Seahawk stadium. However, The D.E. reveals when he rocked Harmon’s in Tacoma, it felt like home. “Seattle was great, I had been there before, that’s a cool spot. But the ‘Tactewt’ was a real special place, with a raw vibe, with a rap scene on the cusp to bubble,” First Degree reflects.

beanz n rize Fahrenheit’s Josh Rizeberg is a local voice as well as lyricist

Fahrenheit has signed two groups from Tacoma. The first was Beanz N Rize, political poets. The group is made of Tacoma area vets Josh Rizeberg and Cool Beanz. Their sound is thoughtful, poetical, hyroglifical, political, ancient, yet futuristic. The use soulful samples, gives them an advantage, and they spit lyrics that take years to unravel. Beanz rhymes are boastful and intelligent. In the community, Jewish born Josh Rizeberg has been fighting area gentrification for years. He has written several articles for The Fahrenheit Insight on the topic. By getting heard at city meetings, to poetry readings, to rap shows, Rizeberg has become a celebrated voice of reason in the Tacoma area. Beanz N Rize’s debut album drops nation-wide Feb 17, 2015.

blue nose music

Tacoma’s Blue Nose Music bring you a unique, diverse, playful sound 

The second Tacoma group Fahrenheit has signed is Blue Nose Music. Bluse Nose has a layed back, 90’s sound about having fun and enjoying life. The mixture of racially diverse artists brings a textured sound on albums they collaborate on. Their sound is Northwest, kick back and woodsy mob, with an old school talk box spice . With over 30 local shows under their belt, the Blue Nose Music crew mainly consists of Greg Double, Thunderchief, (First Degree The D.E. declares, “There’s somethin’ wrong with that Thunderchief”), 5ive 3re, Cameron Couch,  Castroni, the United Kingdom’s Wynter Brown, and a few more. They are a factor on the Northwest show scene, ready to expand. Blue Nose Music’s “Release The Hounds” drops nation-wide Feb 17, 2015 as well.

These Fahrenheit artists, along with other Tacoma rap vets like Awall AKA 2Piece, Koomaniacs, DJ Luvva J, Tac Army Radio, and the hilarious Sic Ill,  are hungry for the rap game as a pit! They’ll have something to say when they get the national underground rap stage they’ve earned after years of pain’ dues.

seattle fahrenheit radio

First Degree The D.E. the day after his infamous 2013 Seattle show with the Seahawks’ stadium in the background

Fahrenheit Records now has artists expanding up and down the West Coast. The Fahrenheit Movement (The Truth Seekers) now has a world-wide fan base. For the second month in a row, Fahrenheit Radio has been ranked the #2 online rap station in the world by Windows Media. There are now thousands around the world that call themselves Fahrenheit, searching for the truth, which makes one wonder whats’s next for First Degree The D.E., the artist.

At the conclusion of the interview, First Degree hinted at a secret project he was working on. He smiles and says we’ll be hearing about “when we’re ready”.

For 20 years, Fahrenheit has been a step ahead of the game, revealing the future, when we’re ready.

Tacoma rap

Beanz N Rize and Blue Nose Music hit the national scene 2.17.15

You can hear these artists’ singles and more on Fahrenheit Radio (FahRadio.com, WindowsRadio.com, iTunes Radio, and TuneIn App)

and on the MrTheDE Youtube page.



Why I’m In The Rap Game

1403167_616578755052190_2077850533_oWhy I’m In The Rap Game

By Shawn Thunderchief For Fahrenheit Insight

To tell my reason for doing music and more particularly rap I’ll have to borrow a quote from one of my dear friends and fellow musician Jasia One-O “There’s music in my message” meaning I have a message to get out and it’s going to get out one way or another. It just so happens to be that music is the mode in which I use to get that message out. Why music? Music itself is a universal language and play huge role in various cultures around the world which in effect makes music one of the most effective methods for communicating and conveying a/your message. In short I use music as a tool to share information, teach others, express personal thoughts, views, beliefs and ideas, to inspire, empathize, and spread the message of love and oneness. Though it seems that many others who share that same message, people like Bob Marley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Mac Dre, Bradley Noell, Layne Stayley, Ol Dirty Bastard, and 2pac to name a few, ultimately have their life’s cut short from some unforseen and unfortunate “accident” or “tragic event” that I simply call murder, I’ll still will continue carrying that same torch with that same message no matter how little or big of a role I play in it.