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Black Bane Puts Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Brotha Lynch On Notice In New Video

Black Bane Puts Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Brotha Lynch On Notice With New Video


First Degree The D.E. takes on the Black Bane persona and looks to raise the thought, talent, and purpose in today’s rap music

By Fahrenheit Insight’s Jimmy Blog

   Just when America needs answers, The D.E. provides. In a quest to bolster hip hop consciousness, Sacramento rapper First Degree The D.E. calls out rap heavy weights Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Brotha Lynch in new video, “Black Bane”, which can be seen HERE.

   First Degree The D.E. is a world renowned entertainer/activist and pioneer of Sacramento rap, has performed over 100 shows across the USA, and  is responsible for 55 projects in all. In addition to his uplifting message in the recording booth, First Degree is an active participant in South Sacramento community. The label he owns, Fahrenheit Records, had sold over 80,000 units world-wide , consists of artists stretching the West Coast,  and enjoys a 20 years history of quality, thoughtful, diverse music. Fahrenheit Records operates an award winning, world-wide online radio station called Fahrenheit Radio, and owns and operates 14 websites, including FirstDegreeTheDE.com, Sacramentorap.com, Californiarap.com, and USrapnews.com.

    The Fahrenheit Insight caught up with First Degree during the “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style” video shoot at the 49er’s stadium in Santa Clara, CA. It was a cloudy evening with thousands of raucous, optimistic fans tailgating in the Levi Stadium paring lot for Monday Night Football’s opening of the 2015 season. The D.E.  gave us insight into the history and purpose behind Black Bane, and what it means to be a street vigilante. Who is First Degree Black Bane?

First Degree black bane 3First Degree The D.E. defines conscious lyricism with Fahrenheit’s 55 project, Black Bane The Misunderstood Genius Part 1

   Over his 20 year rap history, First Degree has put on many masks to deliver his message. This includes RoboDE, Blackulem, Shlumpulicious, and Super Black to name a few. Being Fahrenheit Records’ 55th project, the first thing The Fahrenheit Insight wanted to know about Black Bane was what the difference between it all the past First Degree characters.

   “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” First Degree explains. “Like the other recent characters I’ve portrayed on albums, I was told by the universe to take on this persona. I don’t just sit around and decide, ‘I’m gunna do this, or I’m gunna say that.’ God an His universe instructs me to do so, and I oblige.” He then went on to lay out the purpose of Black Bane.

   First Degree The D.E. went all out to detail the characteristics of Black Bane. He explained tat unlike the other characters he’s portrayed, Black Bane sees the world as a grey area, meaning there’s no definitive good or bad, just perspective. “Black Bane is a street vigilante. Once he’s locked onto a goal that’s just, he affiliates with the good and the bad in order to fulfill that purpose. He’s purpose is just, his means are questionable to some.”

Phonk Beta Black Bane

Long time Brotha Lynch producer Phonk Beta goes all the way live with his production on First Degree Black Bane

   When asked about Black Bane’s purpose and goals, First Degree related Black Bane’s vision of a fair society in which opportunities flow equally across all social and economic levels, the people are informed and inspired, and doing his part to help shed the effects of Jim Crow and return the people to the regalness that is within them. “This is what he calls fighting for the people. Black Bane just takes aggressive means and plays the role only he can play, in order to get the job did,” First Degree The D.E. asserts. He concludes, “To deliver this message, I relied on the Great Phonk Beta and challenged him to remind the people what makes him great, and he succeeded with an unbelievable array of superior, live shlumpage.”

When we got in the lab we asked ourselves how we can make this one bigger and better. We achieved that goal with thought, soul, effort, talent, time, patience, and purpose.

The Fahrenheit Record was given a copy of the First Degree Black Bane singles in preparation of this article. They include “Black Bane”, “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style”, and “Say Serra”.

First Degree Black Bane Annimated Face Oji

First Degree Black Bane through the eyes of Oji

Black Bane

The first single is the title track, Black Bane. It starts with First Degree and The Celebration (his kids), telling the story of Black Bane to a dark, aggressive, piano driven, Phonk Beta beat. The first line, “The cost to be boss, atroc-it-ties, that most can’t handle, that’s that’s why you boss, that’s why you bump my blamble, that and rap scandal” provides immediate insight into the mind of Black Bane. The chorus is a daunting 8 bars of dark singing, thunder, and whipping. Black Bane’s lyrics are hard, political, and thoughtful, “Not affected by ISIS, that’s way far, the man’s cookin books here, that’s on our radar.”

The First Degree Black Bane video is another genius animation from Fahrenheit’s Oji, filled with good guys, bad guys, and all in between. The ultra creative video details the many faces and duties of Black Bane and his allies. In addition, the video includes Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Brotha Lynch. When asked why they were included in the video, First Degree explains, “Oji and I saw this video as an opportunity to remind rap’s division leaders to have purpose in their music, before its too late. I’m in cahoots with Lynch as we speak, collaborating on Strange Music’s ‘Kevlar’ album, and that ‘Black Bane Part 2, The Underestimated Villan'”. The D.E. asserts, “its time for the Brotha Lynchs, the Phonk Betas, and the First Degrees to get back together in unison and continue this legacy we’ve created.” He finishes his thought by including that Brotha Lynch was on his way back from Kansas City laying vocals for Strange Music’s Strangulation 2 album, and would will be back at work the Sactown vet as soon as he gets back.

In this single, First Degree raps, “(I’m) banned from Strange Music Inc.” When asked to elaborate, The D.E. declined, citing that it wasn’t the time and a desire to move forward. Why did he put the line in the song, The Fahrenheit Insight wonders.

First Degree Black Bane 2

NFL Network films part of the First Degree The D.E. “I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style” video shoot, 49er Stadium with Empire Row

I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style

The second single from the Black Bane album is a dedication to West Coast 90’s rap pioneers and the influence it had on world-wide American culture. ‘I Wear Black Cuz Its Just My Style’ is a 90’s style Beta beat with live pianos and live guitar played by L.A.’s Eric Otis. The sound is a nice, unique mix between old school west coast sampling, a live Curtis funk band, and the Straight Outta Cmopton movie. The song’s title and theme came from a 90’s rap group consisting of The D.E.’s good friend Big Ron and Live Wire from the L.A. area.

The “Wear Black’ video was being shot at 49ers Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California the day of this interview. An official 49er’s tailgating pep rally, thrown by Arevalo Production’s Empire Row, served as the back drop. It was a nationally televised Monday Night Football game and the unveiling of the 49ers’ new black uniforms. It was a wild event, filled with Fahrenheit fans and 49er faithfuls alike. The scene is sure to jump off the camera as soon as the video is completed and released.

First Degree black bane 5First Degree utilizes green screen for the first time in Say Serra

Say Serra

The third Black Bane video is the most musical, lyrical, and entertaining of the bunch.” Say Serra” is a finely-crafted First Degree hit with its own sound and racially controversial lyrics that will have the streets buzzing for some time to come. This single has a hard, groovy, big production, live sound that has never and will never be duplicated. Once again, Phonk Beta is on the beat and live pianos, and Eric Otis is on the live Spanish guitar.

The Say Serra video is all D.E.. First Degree gets close up, entertains, dances, and delivers his unique brand of poetry, “That video’s gunna be up close and personal to leave no doubt what I’m sayin!” Oh boy.

When asked how one picks singles for the album, First Degree reiterates that he is a vessel of the universe and does what it instructs him to do. He also points out that local publication Sacramento News and Review leaked and reviewed one of the songs, ‘The Fahrenheit Record’, HERE. The article included reporter Raheem Hosseini’s funny individual experience with the informative song. The Fahrenheit Record mentions many Sacramento area reporters, and several of them, including the KCRA’s Edie Lambert, Kevin Riggs, and Sacramento Bee’s Chris Macias started the buzz by posting about the song on their Facebook pages.

d'angelo black messiah first degree black bane 8

D’Angelo Black Messiah played a roll in developing First Degree Black Bane

   When asked about what, if any, outside musician provided influence for Black Bane, First Degree bared a big grin and explained that the D’Angelo Black Messiah album was the first album in ten years that stimulated his mind. “D’Angelo is the greatest singing and producing entity of all time. I have never heard such funky, sticky, risky, smooth, forward thinking, live music ever. Michael Jackson is the best dancer ever, Phonk Beta is the best rap producer ever, and D’Angelo is the greatest singer/producer of all time, fa sho. I’ve listened to that album 100 times already.” First Degree goes on to justify that D’Angelos latest album Black Messiah is “gleaming with purpose” and “stimulates those that understand”. The D.E. states that Black Messiah is the reason he reached out to Phonk Beta and Eric Otis for live instrumentation.

First Degree also sites the current urban struggle, and a second meeting with hip hop legend Rakim that had influence on his new direction.

If the people take to the Black Bane album like the listeners that this reporter has witnessed, the West Coast rap game will have a new bar to try to live to.

First Degree Black Bane hits stores world-wide October 20, 2015. Live First Degree Black Bane performances will take place in the Seattle and Denver areas in December of 2015, with more locations to be announced. The album is produced by Phonk Beta, with additional production by Oji and Sultan Mir. Fahrenheit Records is distributed by City Hall Records and The Orchard.

More information can be found at FirstDegreeTheDE.com

Black Bane Cover

Fahrenheit Records’ 55th album, First Degree The D.E. “Black Bane” brings purpose to the underground rap game and hits stores October 20, 2015

Bay Area Rapper Abducted By Aliens Explains Abduction

bay area rapper abducted by aliens 3
The “Abduction”
The Fahrenheit Insight Interviews Oji, The Bay Area Rapper Abducted By Aliens, On His Alien Abduction
So, when asked to speak about my u.f.o. abduction, which took place 7 yrs ago while camping at night in Russian River. I was told not to speak about it by those same beings which abducted me. I sometimes see them in dreams and they channel through me speaking in visions. So they asked me to share with you what you need to see. Here is a message too you from them:
“Our wireless neural network is online, as one mind no cell can confine.
Our hallucinogenic skin crystallizes. Symbolizing psychedelic melanin and psilocybins.
Binaural vocabulary of alpha, beta, theta, gamma, delta rays of the sun.
In stereo, hemi sync, adjust your frequency. Get a signal through your nervous system when you tune into us.
Our holographic brains are like an interactive game.
Challenging magnetic attraction to balance yin yang.
Mathematics unravel theories of everything as waves.
Dna climaxes is orgasmic as the big bang.
Whats large as a galaxy though small as an atom?
You might think its magic if you just imagine how reality is miraculously, accurately crafted from the one.
Connecting from one singularity, branching to complexity.
Whether or not you believe, you will see the webs we weave unseparately.”
bay area rapper abducted by aliens 2
You see that my mind has been abducted.
I was notified in a dream with further instructions for this mystery.
If you follow, I am not me. This solidity is watery.
Through your screen I could possibly teleport into your body.
Because, this is interactive.
When you come into contact with it see what happens.
As you analyse, try this exercise:
Stare into the sky until you see a sign. Not to hypnotize, but to re-align the mind.
Demystifying with applied physics to shift the paradigm.
Now harmonize your voice with mines: Ah-oh-mm“.
Oji & The Ascension Team
“Speak N Tones” OUT NOW!
bay area rapper abducted by aliens oji 1
Check out the Oji’s single, “A Maze In The Brain” HERE!
Bay Area Rapper Abducted By Aliens Oji 1

Bay Area Rapper Abducted By Aliens | Bay Area Rap News

Fahrenheit Insight’s Jimmy Blog Interviews
West Coast Rap News | Bay Area Rap News
Q: As an emerging artist how will you make an impact in this industry?
A: Hobbies become a jobs like athletic sports. But I would rather answer the question how can I impact my reality with what I create because I work for God, the creator, the almighty, Jehovah, YHWH.
This is way more than just entertainment. I architect my songs like cathedrals so even an angel could enjoy it.
You two will see that we are one from Our quantum suns crown corona.
Though what have we become in the event horizon?
There’s no substitute for the truth the only proof is love .
So from my point of view the solution is too use this as a gun.
Q: Right on, that’s the spirit. Though how well do you think you will be received?
A: Aiming at my audience in this market? The question could be, how can I not become a target being just an artist.
Q: Do you practice any religion?
A: Yes. Every religion at once. The laws of Ma’at and OjI’ology.
Q: What is its meaning?
A: It means that I do yoga to control emotions. Focusing on the moment, opening up to get too know God!
With the motion of the kundalini cobra. Omnipotent energy is why my name is Oji.
Coming together in numbers and letters. Electromagnetic intelligence of morphogenetic resonance.
Landed on your planet via quantum mechanics of dance, tantric breath and calisthenic stretches.
In an unbothered upright posture. Compacting wind in my abdomen, to discipline the dragon, is orgasmic!
I saw phenomena. Bio Geometric cymatic patterns involving sun and waters intergalactic syntax.
Meditate and marvel at particles accelerate, beyond what we see, touch, hear, smell, taste.
When we interface? Light can’t weight. Make a figure 8 take shape at the vibrational rates of a stargate.
Q: Well said. But do you think people will take you serious?
A: Whomever takes self awareness and enlightenment serious will gravitate too we do.
And if we where too keep digging deeper. We would discover other creatures, who would make them believers
when featured in our theatre.
Q: So, what things are you working on now?
A: I am collaborating with lots of new artist around the globe, I’m working on beats for Supa Nova Slom’s new album, I’m doing producing songs on First Degree the D.E.’s next album, I’m working on a new album that is produced by some one new from Germany, I’m also working on the next album called “Xenolinguistics”.
Q: O.k. What type of album is “Speak N’ Tones”?
A: Years ago, while camping in the mountains one night under the stars. I was abducted by tall black extraterrestrials while sleeping. An orgasm being the only thing you could bring back from a dream. The idea for the concept for “Speak N’Tones” was envisioned in me and this is my disclosure. The children’s vocals where also inspired by Zap Mama and Bobby Mcferrin and Afrofuturism.
As in transmuting detrimental energies into beneficial ones via nadi yoga.
Nadis are channels/ circulation for the flow of life force, chi, prana, the holy ghost, consciousness. Also nada yoga which is the science of sound. So this album is made for those who have interests in learning how too identify what vowel sounds effect which chakra.
So if your ever in an argument with someone all you have to do too enhance the mood is too start toning. Its like a healing weapon. It takes your mind off of lower vibrations and you will feel your higher vibrations amplify. It also promotes non violence.
Since we are made of sound, we become what we say, etc.
Q: Do you ever listen too Sun Ra?
A: Yes sir! He is a guru. He is still alive in many ways.
Q: What instruments did you use to produce this album?
A: Speak N’ Tones is produced with a live synth keyboard, virtual instruments, samples, and vocals.
Q: Describe your fondest musical memories?
A: My fondest memory so far has to be when I was invited to perform on stage with SomeOthaShip’s Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins at the New Parrish in Oakland, Ca a couple yrs ago.
I did an acapella medley of songs.
Q: What other performances have you done? Concerts, radio, TV?
A: We did one recently in San Francisco at Mutiny Radio Station, on the Bughouse Square show. Other than that just practicing at home.
Q: Do you get nervous before a performance?
A: Yes. But that’s where experience and breathing techniques always work at killing fears.
Q: How do you balance your music with other obligations?
A: It feels as though music balances me. Hip hop birthed me so that is what I live everyday. The best service to my family and humanity is too stay focused on what I do best. I feel an artists job is too blow minds in a good way.
Q: From where does your family originate?
A: We came here planted on a meteorite that seeded earth with life. So ancestrally I am extra terrestrial.
My ancestors live through me. They are invisible friends/ family who teach me to speak their own language. Even Michael Jackson’s spirit assist me in writing lyrics.
Q: Is there growth in this field? How do things generally look for new musicians entering this field?
A: There is definitely growth in this field. I can say that with more years and more experience, people will begin to ascribe more value to your name. Bigger opportunities will open up to you – things that you never would have had an opportunity to do at the 1 and 2 year mark.
It’s truly a progression. As for artists who are just entering the game, there is a lot of work to be done. You will feel like you are working your hardest and getting nothing in return. But eventually, if you are working hard and consistent, you will begin to see payoff. Just hang in there. It’s a looong road.
oji 3
Q: For our last question, how do you feel about the reality of the world today and how does it effect you?
A: I feel as though in reality we allowed a lot of black holes to open up spiritually. Those black holes distract us and feed off of our good energy. I learned in order to stop this is too look at it metaphysically and bio geometrically.
We are attracted too things magnetically. If we focus on converting this toxic energy into alkaline energy. Those miniature black holes will become stargates. That allow use to fully be present in the moment of now and communicate with life holistically.
One great exercise for this is too stare at yourself in the mirror and see what appears and see what silence only hears.
If we can see on a cellular level. The nucleus is the stargate, the center and transcendental gateways beyond time and space. Proper nutrition, sunlight and exercise will help keep these portals open. Alot of times people are at odds because of the difference in diets and imbalances in nutrition. It gets better the more we listen too the earth and the sun. The sun is speaking, are we listening?
Bay Area Rap News | West Coast Rap News