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Bernie In Sacramento, Who Was There And Why

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Who Was There And Why

By The Fahrenheit Record’s Jimmy Blog

Sacramento, Ca, May 9th, 2016 –  Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders came to Sacramento and was greeted by an unprecedented, diverse crowd of 20,000+.  The Fahrenheit Record was at Bonnie Field to find out who was at the rally and why.

In a unique presidential season, there has been one voice that has resonated across party lines. That is the voice of Bernie Sanders. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have taken note of Senator Sanders’ message of income inequality, social justice, the plight of the poor, and corruption in the American campaign system. Both presidential front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have praised Senator Sanders and have utilized Sanders’ perspectives in their rhetoric. Bernie Sanders’ purpose had lead to a massive grassroots following. On Monday May 9th, Sanders brought “the Bern” to Sacramento, and the crowd was one of Sacramento’s largest, most diverse, ever to attend a Sacramento event.

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Some showed up in the morning to head the line of the 5:00pm event

“The crowd’s diversity reminded my of an E-40 show on steroids!” Sacramento activist First Degree The D.E. observed. First Degree The D.E. is a local musician, teacher, recent Master’s degree graduate, and has brokered a truce between Sacramento Bloods and Crips gangs. He has recently pledged his support for Bernie Sanders in a Fahrenheit Record article about the Chicago Trump rally protest. He goes on to include that people from all walks of life attended the rally. “It (the diversity and crowd size) reflects Bernie’s passion for the people.”

While sifting through the quarter mile long line, one could not only find a wide range of people waiting up to three hours to get into the event, but also see them interacting with each other. Groups ranging from students, to retired professionals, and all in between, gathered to hear Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution. Although the Sacramento Bee states that the crowd was made up of “mostly white millennials” The Fahrenheit Record took time observing the whole event from start to finish and saw a different picture.

Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, Middle Easterners, straights, gays, women, men, young, middle aged, old, all exchanging ideas with strangers that became friends. “I spent a couple minutes eavesdropping on a hard core vato talking politics and ideas with a group of hippies and some goth girls. Where else you gunna find that than a Bernie rally?!” First Degree The D.E. ponders.

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Crowds continued to converge onto Bonnie Field well after 9:00pm for the 5:00pm Bernie In Sacramento event

With only four days public notice of this event, the reason these people attended this “political revolution” was just as important as the message itself. The Fahrenheit Record spoke to about 100 attendees, asking them one simple question, “Why are you here?”

While many attended to support Bernie the candidate, just as many were there to support his ideas. Many had appreciated Mr. Sanders’ unveiling of our political system’s secrets and corporate influence. They credit his empathy towards all and his collective nature for their support. Those surveyed stated they were at the Bernie in Sacramento rally because it just, “felt right” and they “wouldn’t miss it for the world” as a couple of attendees put it. Many appreciated his concern for future generations and selflessness as well.

A significant amount of people said they somewhat liked Hillary Clinton, and some said they would have a hard time voting for Hillary, but would. A vast majority of the Bernie Sanders rally mass thought that if Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, she would be wise to put Senator Sanders on the ticket as vice president.

The most common answer given on why event goers supported Sanders was that they trusted his judgment. Answers praising his moral compass, clear purpose, past opposition to American political mistakes, and past support of civil rights, were sighted.

While being interviewed by The World Socialist Web Site, First Degree The D.E. was asked why he attended the Sanders event. He agreed with others, explaining, “The one thing everyone can agree about Bernie Sanders is that his intentions are pure.” He went on to explain that presidents get a lot of information and it is our job, as the voting public, to put a person in office that will, nine times out of ten, make the best choice for the country.

Comradery was high at this Cal Expo affair. Friends were made, connections were connected, and bonds were bonded. Amogst the crowd, people from all walks of life were getting involved in the political process, being a part of change, and being heard. Musicians played and people spoke, ramping up the massive, patient crowd for the Senator.

Although poll after poll shows Bernie Sanders beating Donald Trump by a bigger margin than his opponent Hillary Clinton, Sanders is trailing Clinton in the Democratic primary. Mr. Sanders would need 85% of the remaining delegates to catch her. The candidate’s underdog status makes the Bernie in Sacramento crowd that much more fascinating.

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Bernie Sanders takes the stage with progressive ideas, collective thinking, and calls for unity

Once most of the crowd made their way inside the venue, Bernie Sanders took to the stage. He hit on his progressive message of unity, responsibility, and idealism. Sanders’ take on American empathy touched the people. “When your family hurts, mine is there to help. When my family hurts, you’re there to help,” Bernie Sanders declares to a roaring crowd. Bernie Sanders’ points about college tuition debt, gender equality, and Donald Trump not being the next president resonated with the audience, too.

As well as hitting his common points, Bernie Sanders personalized his message to Sacramentans and Californians. Being at a Bernie Sanders rally, as opposed to watching clips of them on CNN, was a much more comprehensive, enriching experience. Not only did the people that attended get to hear a full version of Bernie Sanders’ vision for the future from the man himself, they got to be among people like themselves, people ready for a political revolution.

When Bernie’s speech was over, The Fahrenheit Record followed First Degree The D.E. to a gated off area on the right side of the stage. After given Secret Service clearance, First Degree The D.E. was seen in a designated area with approximately 75 other rally attendees and press. While in this area, Bernie Sanders and First Degree The D.E. was observed shanking hands and exchanged words.

When later asked what he and the presidential candidate talked about during their brief encounter, First Degree replied, “That’s a conversation between two activists.” He did include that some of it was caught on tape and will be featured in his upcoming ‘Say Serra’ music video, from his most recent album, ‘Black Bane, The MIsunderstood Hero’. “Like Mac Dre would say, ‘Bernie, you in my mooovie.'” The D.E. included.

Bernie in Sacramento was a 20.000+ diverse congregation of political dreamers. It was inspirational and good for Sacramento.