C-Bo Video Shooting, Sacramento Rap Beef To Blame?

sacramento rap c-bo video shooting

C-Bo Video Shooting, Sacramento Rap Beef Turns Deadly

Jimmy Blog of The Fahrenheit Record Blog  |  8-27-2017

One dead, four injured at a C-Bo video shoot at a Meadowview park. Is this the end, or just the beginning?

The shooting happened around 2:30 p.m. at South Sacramento’s Meadowview Park. The melee left one dead, Ernie Cadena, and four additional victims wounded. The gun shot victims were driven to the hospital by citizens. At the time this article was written, all four were in stable condition.

C-Bo shooting victim Ernie Cadena
C-Bo posses with shooting victim Ernie Cadena before his kiilling

At the scene, witnesses describe chaos and confusion. “We was just out here filmin, havin fun, then a car went by shootin! We were all just tried not to get dead” an unidentified man explains. Unfortunatly, one man didn’t make it.

While ABC10 states, “there is no information on the suspect’s, or the motive of the shooting”, many in the area believe this shooting is connected to recent Mozzy C-Bo beef that has materialized as of late.

To recap, in an interview with VladTV, Brotha Lynch Hung said he “used to be proud” of Mozzy.  Mozzy then said he was “funkin” with C-Bo, Brotha Lynch, and X-Raided, and name called the two Sac legends. Then C-Bo made threats to Mozzy on his Instagram.

Since then, diss records have been made. Mozzy struck first with “New King, New Era”. Then C-Bo struck next with “Body 4 Body”. Although the Mozzy video included many Oak Park heads, C-Bo’s took it up a notch.

In his “Body 4 Body” video, C-Bo displayes several guns, caskets, and identifies himself as a “Mozzy/Zilla-killa” and warns that no one is safe in Mozzy’s crew. Did this powerful imagery contribute to the Aug. 27th shooting? It can be argued that the violent imagery didn’t help ease tensions.

sacramento rap c-bo boby 4 body

C-Bo disses Mozzy in “Body 4 Body”

C-Bo’s Aug 27th video shoot was for two songs for his upcoming album “The Problem”, in stores Sept. 1st. The day before, he advertised the event on social media, promoting “fun, eating, and drinking”. After arriving at Meadowview Park, the video shoot location, C-Bo went live on social media.

During the broadcast, C-Bo made a point to include several of his old school homies, including middle school friends, and Mozzy’s long-time rival Lavish D, aka CML. Although just reminiscing, talking about unity, and having a good time, prior threats and song lyrics were looming in the air. Everyone there had to know that there was a chance for trouble at the public event.

Moments after finishing his live social media broadcast, while the things were beginning to get underway, C-Bo’s video shoot was shot up by unknown males driving by in a car. Although this may not have been what C-Bo and Mozzy had in mind with their diss records, this apparently, is a result.


sacramento rap mozzy new era new king

Mozzy disses C-Bo and Brotha Lynch in “New Era, New King”

Since his interview with No Jumper, Mozzy has somewhat backtracked on his beef with  C-Bo and Brotha Lynch. In a recent interview with L.A.’s 92.3, Mozzy clarified, “I aint really got no issues with them, I was just really holdin my ground, that’s it.” Mozzy goes on to explain, “first and foremost off the dribble, its a line of miscommunication.” He includes that his No Jumper comments were taken wrongly and they (C-Bo and Lynch) “bit down on it”. He appears to have moved on.

To further his point, Mozzy tells XXL Magazine, “When I said ‘funkin’ on No Jumper, I was talking about funking with their legacy.” He includes, “I wasn’t talking about funking with them as a people. Them ain’t who I’m funking with as a people.”

Mozzy justifies, “But when a n$%#@ get on the internet and say he gon’ pull a n%^# dreads out, he gon’ slap a n@#*. Bruh, you playing with my ism, you playing with my gangsta. F@*& the rap s*#@, I ain’t even worried about that. You playing with my gangster as a man. You up there, you talking tough. I’ma see if you can purchase that ticket you want.”

sacramemto rap brotha lynch tour 3

After 68 cities, Brotha Lynch heads back on tour next month

Although Brotha Lynch initially took Mozzy’s No Jumper interview words to heart, a cooler head has prevailed. In an exchange to texts with SacramentoRap.com, Lynch has expressed a desire to distance himself from drama. Only months after completing his 68 city Strange Music tour, Brotha Lynch is preparing to hit the road in September once again. After decades of bumpin his music, fans nation-wide are hungry for a glimpse of the Sactown legend.

sacramento rap X-Raided

From prison, X-Raided has been advising Brotha Lynch

It has been made public that once the situation with Mozzy got his attention,  Brotha Lynch spoke with X-Raided. After hearing the original interview, in which Mozzy mentions Lynch and C-Bo, X-Raided advised Lynch to “fall back because it was all just a misunderstanding.” Lynch tells SacramentoRap.com that he heeded his “big homie’s” advice.

Stuck in the middle of all of this, is another Sacramento rap vet, T-Nutty. The “Last of the Floheakinz” and C-Bo have been partners in rhyme for decades. However, in “New King, New Era”, Mozzy mentions that he’s cool with T-Nutty, but “his big homie a b#@%*!”

sacramento rap t-nutty interview

T-Nutty is stuck in the middle, with love from both sides of the conflict

In an interview with High End Radio, T-Nutty expressed disappointment in C-Bo for overreacting to the Mozzy misunderstanding. He expresses a desire to move on as a city. While giving his perspective on C-Bo’s diss track, T-Nutty mentions that Mozzy and C-Bo don’t actually live in Sacramento. He points out that it’s every day Sacramentans that will feel the effect of this conflict.

T-Nutty discloses, “We gone keep it gangsta on the streets, we gone keep it real out here. N#@%@ gettin popped up out here, and we out here. We out here on this Sac s#@$. We out here going to the stores, getting the blunts, bumpin into n%^&$ every 10 minutes and n%^$@ gotta decide if they’re clickin or not.” T-Nutty is in a unique, powerful position in all of this.

sacramento rap first degree the d.e. black bane 2 picture

As a teacher in the affected area, First Degree The D.E. promotes change, one student a time

As a teacher, working at a high school smack dab in the middle of the conflict, First Degree The D.E. sees this Sacramento beef/explosion a different way, much like T-Nutty does.

“The first day I met Be Gee, he was just returning from a 1992 C-Bo video shoot” First Degree The D.E. reflects. “He was telling us about the gang war that had just erupted at it. He was telling us about the shootout, and that Lynch’s cousin Q-Ball was killed. It was a dramatic time. I hope 2017 aint a repeat, but its starting to look that way.”

“Like I told you guys before,” First Degree The D.E. reminds The Fahrenheit Record, “I’ve seen, first hand, how this uptick in rap beef has affected our communities. On the outside, everyone’s entertained. On the inside, its a war.”

After a deep breath, First Degree The D.E. sheds light on his more recent, personal experiences with the Oak Park/Mack Road/C-Bo conflict.

“Earlier this year, some ‘Zilla Oak Park’ folks came to the Mack Road area and was shot at and run out by Starz affiliates. The Zilla vehicle ended up on its side in the shootout, but all parties excaped uninjured. The next day, Zilla came back looking for revenge. At around 2 p.m., I hear ‘POP, POP, POP, POP, POP!’ Its was definitely from a big gun. It turns out that one of my 19-year-old ex-students had walked to the local 7-11. The Zillas, blasting Mozzy, were waiting in the parking lot. One of them walked up to my the student and asked where he was from, then pulled out an A.K.47 and started shooting. My student was hit twice, but survived.”

While going further, First Degree clarified that he was happy for the city’s newfound success, yet is haunted by the real lives impacted as a result of the type of activities that is blowing Sac up. “We as leaders need to steer this into a productive direction” The D.E. advises.

“Images are powerful. As the original man in a distant land, the world is watching us. What image do we want to give our people, and those watching from the outside?” First Degree wonders out loud.

First Degree includes, “The same power that got this started, can end this, steer this energy into the right direction. To turn this around, we as a people need to look at the bigger picture.” First Degree referrs to one of his song lyrics, ‘If the bloods and the crips, knew the man stacked the chips, they might flip the scripts’. He concludes, “If we were bangin on the white supremacy system that has us out here doin bad, instead of each other, we’d get somewhere. Life isn’t a game.”

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail in Sacramento.

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