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Trump Chicago Protest, The 2016 Race, and Black Perspective

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Trump Chicago Protest

The 2016 Race, and Urban Perspective

By The Fahrenheit Record’s Jimmy Blog and First Degree The D.E.

On March 11th, 2016, the people of Chicago, Illinois took the Republican Primary Race into their own hands. While the Republican establishment failed to stop The Demagogue, the citizens of The Windy City infiltrated a Donald Trump rally at The UIC Pavilion and “showed how to deal with a bully” one protester declared on CNN. As a result, the 2016 Republican Race, and history, has taken a dramatic turn.

By showing up in numbers at this rally, these activists have reminded the nation, and the world, that the power is with the people.

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The Trump Chicago protest send the world a message rejecting hate

Trump has no chance of winning an American presidential election. After Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss to President Barack Obama, the Grand ‘Ol Party finally concluded that without a considerable amount of the Latino and African American vote, they will never win a general election. According to The Washington Post, 8 out of 10 Latinos nationwide have a highly-unfavorable view of Donald J Trump. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

WIthout respect and empathy, ideas are hollow. The Republican head honchos and major donors know this, yet the voters the Republicans have targeted over the years, are more focused on the message of Donald Trump. Bigotry, reaction to fear, and loss of economic opportunity rooted from the George Bush era and outsourcing, has “trumped” policies, substance, history, or chances of winning, in this race.

America is more divided than ever, blah, blah, blah. The reality is diversity is enriching and in order to move forward, those that resist will rise for a last, unsuccessful whohaa. That whohaa is The Donald Trump “Movement”. The victim are American morality, and the Republican Party.

CHICAGO, IL - MARCH 11: Protesters celebrate outside of the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled a campaign rally over safety concerns March 11, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The Illinois Republican presidential primary will be held March 15. (Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images)

Trump Chicago protest activists took to the streets by the thousands

According to The New York Times, more “Americans” are killed and tormented by White supremacists that radical Muslim groups. The word American is in quotes because the experiences of these vicims, people of color, don’t count. While Muslim jihadist terrorism brings out passion in the American people, White supremacy is not considered. Chicago has shown, its time for the strong-minded Whites to check the small percentage of their people that stifles American progress due to unwarranted fear. By “check” I mean put them in their place, educate, inspire.

The “Silent Majority’s” Great White Hope will not stop at any costs. His people are fearful on the direction of this country, you know, Whites “losing control” of America. America is changing, the population is becoming more diverse, and there is a small portion of the White community, most with limited experiences, that is scared to death by this. While it can be said that Trump is single handedly leading the Republican party into destruction, it is also fair to say that years of extreme, fearful Republican propaganda has lead to this Trump movement.

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Chicago reminded the world the power is with the people

While members of the right have tried to categorize the protesters, they came in all shapes and sizes. The power is truly with the people.

As a result of the Trump Chicago protest, Donald Trump events have had more and more protesting incidents occurring. The following day after the Trump Chicago protest, a rally in Ohio had a protester rush the stage, causing a panicked Donald Trump to turn around and secret service to rush the stage. A later rally in Kansas City was constantly inturrupted by what Mr. Trump called “Bernie’s people“, another attempt to categorize.

On a recent episode of Fahrenheit Radio’s “Fahrenheit Hour 25”, Fahrenheit Historian Big J includes, “The people that are supporting Trump are too damn dumb to know that he doesn’t give a f*&% about them!”. The historian and native Chicagonian also goes on to connect Chicago with other acts of revolutionary protests and politics. The episode in its entirety can be heard HERE. Although critics of Trump’s momentum down play the intelligence of the people involved, it reminds that Trump’s rise isn’t about substance, its about making a point.

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Trump Republicans won’t vote Latino. Cruz, Rubio should drop out

Look at the people supporting Trump. Do you think the vast majority of Republicans are going to vote to put a Latino in office? They are trying to get of yall! Rubio and Cruz drop out now.

The only chance of the Republican Party saving face is to elect Governor John Kasich in a brokered convention. The Trump crowd will not vote for a Latino in a general election, and they have the numbers and excitement at the moment. They would stay at home on election day, or even worse for the GOP, vote Trump on a third or written in ticket. However, the “silent majority” would chose Kasich over Hillary.

When I lived alone in the mid 2000’s, I remember watching an infomercial including a Donald Trump interview peddling something. It featured a 40ish blonde woman asking Trump questions and blushing over him at the same time. I don’t remember what the infomercial was peddling, but because it came on practically every night for a period of time, and I didn’t have cable, I watched it a few times. It was interesting, and dare I say, inspiring. It’s hard to believe the Donald Trump of the 2000’s turned into the fear-exploiting demagogue before us today.

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Trump’s temperment makes him unfit for the United States Presidency

Some will say that Trump has a handle on the country’s foreign trade deficit needs. Fine, give him a role providing input on that. However, the message from the Trump Chicago protest activists is don’t vote to give him the role of president.

History will show that the activists from the Trump Chicago protest changed the direct of the 2016 Presidential Race and perhaps saved the country.


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Trump & Chicago | A City’s History Of Protest


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Insight from Big J, Fahrenheit Record Historian

    I received a text message Friday evening from an old friend and classmate from college Michael Colen many of you know him as First Degree hip hop artist from Sacramento. The text simply read “God Bless Chitown.” I had just gotten home and had cracked a beer and had the tv locked in to the Bulls and the Heat. I’d heard about what was going on in my hometown the protests over a scheduled rally and appearance by Republican candidate for President Donald Trump. I turned from the game to CNN I watched what unfolded on the tv with great interest. I listened to the reporters commentary, the clashes between those that objected to Trump’s appearance and his “politics” and those that support his candidacy. As the evening continued to unfold I was struck with a feeling of great pride.

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Trump & Chicago can be explained by non-profits like “I Grow Chicago”

    Nationally the narrative about Chicago has been mostly negative, the gun violence in the black community, the deaths of unarmed African American citizens Laquan McDonald a 17 year old who was shot and killed by a police officer, a shooting that was captured on video. Recently another video was released depicting the shooting of Cedrick Chatman a teenager that was shot on January 7, 2013 after running from a stolen vehicle, the city had been trying to suppress the release of this video. A separate shooting in December 2015 in which Bettie Jones age 55 was shot “accidentally” by police. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has been under fire due to the police shootings and many have called for him to step down as mayor.

Many Chicagoans were excited when filmmaker Spike Lee announced that he would be filming Chiraq and hoped that this movie would shed light on, engage conversation and hopefully change regarding the increasing gun violence in Chicago, which in my opinion is genocide. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, the premise of the film was that a gang leader’s girlfriend encouraged other women to withhold sex until the violence stops. This was not a film that many took seriously and we felt that an opportunity had been missed. Chicago is not new to protest or police violence, see the 1968 Democratic Convention and the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton in 1969 after having been drugged as he lay in bed with his pregnant girlfriend.

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Trump & Chicago is not he first time the city protested a political event

    I think Trump’s popularity is due to Obama’s two terms as president a presidency which many have never accepted. Trump says that he wants to make America great again but has not laid out his plan in which to do so. His comments are often inflammatory he talks of building a wall to keep foreigners out of the country and protecting our borders. The increasing incidents at his rallies in which many African Americans that have been threatened and harmed physically. What has Trump done to condemn these actions? He says nothing which is basically encouraging his supporters to continue this behavior. This is only going to escalate…his supporters feel emboldened and I predict this is going to have dire consequences eventually.


Let’s remember premise of this country was for those from other countries to come to these shores to find acceptance and opportunity. The true native Americans are Indians and we see what happened to them. My ancestors built this country after having been kidnapped from Africa and brought here to work as slaves toiling in massa’s cotton fields. Not viewed as a human more along the lines of an animal to work and breed until you work yourself to death. You were subject to being sold away from your family at any moment but that’s a topic many don’t want to revisit.

trump & chicago 4Trump & Chicago, the people have spoken

America is just getting over the eight year fiasco that was the Bush administration. If Trump is elected as the next leader of the free world long will it take for him to ostracize himself and us from the international community? How long will it take for him to refer to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a dumb bimbo or refer to another world leader’s penis size?

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The rise of Trump has been compared to Hitler

We can’t afford to elect Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States, the people in my hometown of Chicago showed Friday night. I’m proud of the statement that was made that evening, I’m proud that Trump was forced to cancel his rally, I hope that he never comes back to the city. I encourage everyone to stand up and be heard at this time in protest and also on election day. The stakes are too high and we have too much at steak as a country to still be divided by racism, bigotry and fear.

Quoting the late great Bob Marley from his song Revolution, “Never make a politician grant you a favor, they will always want to control you forever.” I typically don’t trust politicians but I engage in the process because of the sacrifices many before me have given to allow my voice to be heard and so I vote. Unfortunately oftentimes the process is like selecting between the lesser of two evils. In this case the evil wears a bad toupee, has orange hued skin and is loudmouth with no political experience, are we really seriously considering placing our collective fortunes in his hands for the next four years?

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Trump & Chicago protesters came in all shapes and sizes

Peace…Big J.

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