Tacoma Rap Is The Next To Blow


Tacoma Rap Is The Next To Blow

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When Sacramento rap first hit the scene in the 90’s, it was known for its gritty, uncut, unique, raw, dark sound. As Sacramento rap grew, it developed a world-wide fan base. The Sacramento rap sound was street, controversial, innovative and pure.

The Fahrenheit Insight caught up with First Degree The D.E. on a mission to find out the direction Fahrenheit was headed for 2015. He was animate about the next town he saw to be the next medium size city top blow up on the national rap scene like Sacramento once did. “Tacoma, Washington,” First Degree The D.E. concedes with a sly grin.

“Tacoma reminds me so much of the town (Sacramento) when we was comin up!” First Degree The D.E. explains with excitement. “Its rappers thats so hungry with a purpose out there, they gunna bite each other’s heads off! Its time for them to have the stage.”

seattle seahawks fahrenheit records

Seattle Seahawks earn back to back Superbowl appearances, bring attention to the area

With the Seattle Seahawks earning a spot in the Superbowl two years in a row, the nation was already getting a glimpse into the crown of the Northwest. Tacoma, Seattle’s little brother city 30 miles south, is in a current political struggle, consisting of, amoung others, community government relations, the infamous Hilltop area’s gentrification wave, and minimum wage. Whenever you have the people in unrest, new expressions emerge to tell the story, enlighten us, and ease our minds, Tacoma rap.

First Degree vows that Fahrenheit will put their money where their mouth is and invest in the new sounds of the Tacoma streets. He says he’s secured the rights to TacomaRap.com and points out his team is currently working on the site, aimed at bringing attention to the music of the area.

“Tacoma rap reminds me of how rap started”, The D.E. discloses, “The peope of the streets feeling unheard, wanting to make you think. wanting to make you laugh and have fun. Some of its lyrical,  political, inpirational, and some of it is comical, just like the 90’s when rap was pure!”

beanz and sicc ill

Tacoma’s Cool Beanz and Sic Ill have the Tacoma underground on fire

First Degree then describes a couple of Halloween shows he threw a few years ago in the Seattle area. He explains that while he was there to put on a show, he also went to the Northwest looking for new talent. He tells of a nice show at the perfect Seattle night club, 88 Keys, right next to the Seahawk stadium. However, The D.E. reveals when he rocked Harmon’s in Tacoma, it felt like home. “Seattle was great, I had been there before, that’s a cool spot. But the ‘Tactewt’ was a real special place, with a raw vibe, with a rap scene on the cusp to bubble,” First Degree reflects.

beanz n rize Fahrenheit’s Josh Rizeberg is a local voice as well as lyricist

Fahrenheit has signed two groups from Tacoma. The first was Beanz N Rize, political poets. The group is made of Tacoma area vets Josh Rizeberg and Cool Beanz. Their sound is thoughtful, poetical, hyroglifical, political, ancient, yet futuristic. The use soulful samples, gives them an advantage, and they spit lyrics that take years to unravel. Beanz rhymes are boastful and intelligent. In the community, Jewish born Josh Rizeberg has been fighting area gentrification for years. He has written several articles for The Fahrenheit Insight on the topic. By getting heard at city meetings, to poetry readings, to rap shows, Rizeberg has become a celebrated voice of reason in the Tacoma area. Beanz N Rize’s debut album drops nation-wide Feb 17, 2015.

blue nose music

Tacoma’s Blue Nose Music bring you a unique, diverse, playful sound 

The second Tacoma group Fahrenheit has signed is Blue Nose Music. Bluse Nose has a layed back, 90’s sound about having fun and enjoying life. The mixture of racially diverse artists brings a textured sound on albums they collaborate on. Their sound is Northwest, kick back and woodsy mob, with an old school talk box spice . With over 30 local shows under their belt, the Blue Nose Music crew mainly consists of Greg Double, Thunderchief, (First Degree The D.E. declares, “There’s somethin’ wrong with that Thunderchief”), 5ive 3re, Cameron Couch,  Castroni, the United Kingdom’s Wynter Brown, and a few more. They are a factor on the Northwest show scene, ready to expand. Blue Nose Music’s “Release The Hounds” drops nation-wide Feb 17, 2015 as well.

These Fahrenheit artists, along with other Tacoma rap vets like Awall AKA 2Piece, Koomaniacs, DJ Luvva J, Tac Army Radio, and the hilarious Sic Ill,  are hungry for the rap game as a pit! They’ll have something to say when they get the national underground rap stage they’ve earned after years of pain’ dues.

seattle fahrenheit radio

First Degree The D.E. the day after his infamous 2013 Seattle show with the Seahawks’ stadium in the background

Fahrenheit Records now has artists expanding up and down the West Coast. The Fahrenheit Movement (The Truth Seekers) now has a world-wide fan base. For the second month in a row, Fahrenheit Radio has been ranked the #2 online rap station in the world by Windows Media. There are now thousands around the world that call themselves Fahrenheit, searching for the truth, which makes one wonder whats’s next for First Degree The D.E., the artist.

At the conclusion of the interview, First Degree hinted at a secret project he was working on. He smiles and says we’ll be hearing about “when we’re ready”.

For 20 years, Fahrenheit has been a step ahead of the game, revealing the future, when we’re ready.

Tacoma rap

Beanz N Rize and Blue Nose Music hit the national scene 2.17.15

You can hear these artists’ singles and more on Fahrenheit Radio (FahRadio.com, WindowsRadio.com, iTunes Radio, and TuneIn App)

and on the MrTheDE Youtube page.