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Q: As an emerging artist how will you make an impact in this industry?
A: Hobbies become a jobs like athletic sports. But I would rather answer the question how can I impact my reality with what I create because I work for God, the creator, the almighty, Jehovah, YHWH.
This is way more than just entertainment. I architect my songs like cathedrals so even an angel could enjoy it.
You two will see that we are one from Our quantum suns crown corona.
Though what have we become in the event horizon?
There’s no substitute for the truth the only proof is love .
So from my point of view the solution is too use this as a gun.
Q: Right on, that’s the spirit. Though how well do you think you will be received?
A: Aiming at my audience in this market? The question could be, how can I not become a target being just an artist.
Q: Do you practice any religion?
A: Yes. Every religion at once. The laws of Ma’at and OjI’ology.
Q: What is its meaning?
A: It means that I do yoga to control emotions. Focusing on the moment, opening up to get too know God!
With the motion of the kundalini cobra. Omnipotent energy is why my name is Oji.
Coming together in numbers and letters. Electromagnetic intelligence of morphogenetic resonance.
Landed on your planet via quantum mechanics of dance, tantric breath and calisthenic stretches.
In an unbothered upright posture. Compacting wind in my abdomen, to discipline the dragon, is orgasmic!
I saw phenomena. Bio Geometric cymatic patterns involving sun and waters intergalactic syntax.
Meditate and marvel at particles accelerate, beyond what we see, touch, hear, smell, taste.
When we interface? Light can’t weight. Make a figure 8 take shape at the vibrational rates of a stargate.
Q: Well said. But do you think people will take you serious?
A: Whomever takes self awareness and enlightenment serious will gravitate too we do.
And if we where too keep digging deeper. We would discover other creatures, who would make them believers
when featured in our theatre.
Q: So, what things are you working on now?
A: I am collaborating with lots of new artist around the globe, I’m working on beats for Supa Nova Slom’s new album, I’m doing producing songs on First Degree the D.E.’s next album, I’m working on a new album that is produced by some one new from Germany, I’m also working on the next album called “Xenolinguistics”.
Q: O.k. What type of album is “Speak N’ Tones”?
A: Years ago, while camping in the mountains one night under the stars. I was abducted by tall black extraterrestrials while sleeping. An orgasm being the only thing you could bring back from a dream. The idea for the concept for “Speak N’Tones” was envisioned in me and this is my disclosure. The children’s vocals where also inspired by Zap Mama and Bobby Mcferrin and Afrofuturism.
As in transmuting detrimental energies into beneficial ones via nadi yoga.
Nadis are channels/ circulation for the flow of life force, chi, prana, the holy ghost, consciousness. Also nada yoga which is the science of sound. So this album is made for those who have interests in learning how too identify what vowel sounds effect which chakra.
So if your ever in an argument with someone all you have to do too enhance the mood is too start toning. Its like a healing weapon. It takes your mind off of lower vibrations and you will feel your higher vibrations amplify. It also promotes non violence.
Since we are made of sound, we become what we say, etc.
Q: Do you ever listen too Sun Ra?
A: Yes sir! He is a guru. He is still alive in many ways.
Q: What instruments did you use to produce this album?
A: Speak N’ Tones is produced with a live synth keyboard, virtual instruments, samples, and vocals.
Q: Describe your fondest musical memories?
A: My fondest memory so far has to be when I was invited to perform on stage with SomeOthaShip’s Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins at the New Parrish in Oakland, Ca a couple yrs ago.
I did an acapella medley of songs.
Q: What other performances have you done? Concerts, radio, TV?
A: We did one recently in San Francisco at Mutiny Radio Station, on the Bughouse Square show. Other than that just practicing at home.
Q: Do you get nervous before a performance?
A: Yes. But that’s where experience and breathing techniques always work at killing fears.
Q: How do you balance your music with other obligations?
A: It feels as though music balances me. Hip hop birthed me so that is what I live everyday. The best service to my family and humanity is too stay focused on what I do best. I feel an artists job is too blow minds in a good way.
Q: From where does your family originate?
A: We came here planted on a meteorite that seeded earth with life. So ancestrally I am extra terrestrial.
My ancestors live through me. They are invisible friends/ family who teach me to speak their own language. Even Michael Jackson’s spirit assist me in writing lyrics.
Q: Is there growth in this field? How do things generally look for new musicians entering this field?
A: There is definitely growth in this field. I can say that with more years and more experience, people will begin to ascribe more value to your name. Bigger opportunities will open up to you – things that you never would have had an opportunity to do at the 1 and 2 year mark.
It’s truly a progression. As for artists who are just entering the game, there is a lot of work to be done. You will feel like you are working your hardest and getting nothing in return. But eventually, if you are working hard and consistent, you will begin to see payoff. Just hang in there. It’s a looong road.
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Q: For our last question, how do you feel about the reality of the world today and how does it effect you?
A: I feel as though in reality we allowed a lot of black holes to open up spiritually. Those black holes distract us and feed off of our good energy. I learned in order to stop this is too look at it metaphysically and bio geometrically.
We are attracted too things magnetically. If we focus on converting this toxic energy into alkaline energy. Those miniature black holes will become stargates. That allow use to fully be present in the moment of now and communicate with life holistically.
One great exercise for this is too stare at yourself in the mirror and see what appears and see what silence only hears.
If we can see on a cellular level. The nucleus is the stargate, the center and transcendental gateways beyond time and space. Proper nutrition, sunlight and exercise will help keep these portals open. Alot of times people are at odds because of the difference in diets and imbalances in nutrition. It gets better the more we listen too the earth and the sun. The sun is speaking, are we listening?
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