Sacramento rap rakim first degree

Rakim Sacramento Concert

Sacramento rap rakim first degree

Rakim Sacramento Concert (And Why It Mattered)

Jimmy Blog For Fahrenheit Insight

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Rakim on the mic in Sacramento

The greatest MC of all time came to Sacramento the summer of 2014. Yea, I said it, Rakim Allah is the greatest of all time. It was a packed house at Harlows, filled with Sactown OGs, and OGettes. The Fahrenheit Insight was in the building and was granted exclusive access to the Microphone Fiend after the show.

sacramento rap rakim

History On Rakim

Rakim was born on January 28, 1968 in New York. He was the lead half of the 80’s & 90’s influential hip hop group, Eric B & Rakim. He is one of hip hop’s early pioneers, and a smooth, intelligent rhymer. The beats he raps to are street, heavy on the drums , and perfectly old school.

During rap’s beginnings, Rakim was seen as the model MC. His ground-breakin, free-rhythm style ignored traditional bar lines, and created its own path. He is called by some “the Thelonious Monk of rap”. His New York-state-of-mind lyrics were intelligent, poetic, calm, yet strong. Rakim was often imitated, but never duplicated. His first few albums, Paid In Full and Follow The Leader, has rhymes that no MCs has or can match. He is highly respected by MTV, BET, Billboard, and has been induced into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Most important of all, he is loved by the hip hop community, world-wide.

Rakim has had eight solid releases, including “Don’t Sweat The Technique”, however these albums never reached the success of Rakim’s earlier albums.

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Rakim In Sacramento

Rakim’s show was thumping. As soon as he hit the stage, grown OGs flocked to the stage like they were teenagers. He performed some old school hits, some mid school hits, and a few new ones. “Microphone Fiend”, and “Juice, Know The Ledge”, had the crowd reciting lyrics, reminiscing on their younger years, and having a good time. Rakim rapped all his lyrics, with no background vocals, without a flaw.

In person it is confirmed, Rakim is a great MC. It was important Sacramento’s hip hop community supported this event, and that they did.

Here in Sacramento, like everywhere else, Rakim had many fans. Rakim’s number one Sacramento fan was super-producer Ace Mak. In addition to being Rakim’s number one fan, Ace Mak looks like Rakim. Ace Mak, like the rest of Sacramento’s hip hop community, was at the Rakim Sacramento concert, and had a good time. “It’s Rakim,” states Ace Mak on why he had to make the show.

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Sacramento packed the house for the Rakim Sacramento concert

“Sacramento!” Rakim chanted, getting the crowd hype.

The show was a hit. The the crowd was diverse. Good times were had. It really mattered that Rakim came to Sacramento. “Why is Rakim in Sac?” wondered Ace.

“I’m glad he is!” replied First Degree The D.E.

On stage, Rakim mentioned that he isn’t cool with Eric B. anymore. Gone are the days of Rakim being backed up by a DJ and turntables. These days, Rakim is backed up by his daughter.

“Follow The Leader felt like home,” explains First Degree The D.E. “I listened to that album over and over for three years. I can remember pulling a out a few years later and bumping it a couple more years! Before coming to this show, I pulled it out again, he can’t be matched!” declares First Degree.

“Old friends are here, lots of Blacks, Whites and all in-between, OGs, and even one of my old students are here. Its a good night for Sacramento,” declares First Degree The D.E. at the Rakim Sacramento concert.

Sacramento rap rakim sacramento concert

Local hip hop celebreties Don Blanco and Ace Mak meet with fans at the Rakim Sacramento concert

sacramento rap rakim concert

Sacramento OGs were in the house at the Rakim Sacramento concert

There are certain people that you put everything down for and go see when they come near. Rakim is one of those beings.

After the show, Rakim sat down with First Degree The D.E. and Fahrenheit Insight. During the discussion, First Degree explained to Rakim the impact he had on the city. He also thanked him for the pioneering he had done for hip hop, and told Rakim about hs Fahrenheit projects. In response Rakim stated, “Its always good to be able to come out to these cities and see the impact we had.” Rakim proved to be very personable and humble during the interview.

“I appreciate being able to be here, be a part of your legacy,” admired First Degree The D.E. to Rakim. “We love you Rakim!” First Degree The D.E. then gave Rakim his SuperBlack CD. “This is about being a super you,” he later explained to Rakim. Perhaps a connection was made.

“Thanks, I’ll check this out no doubt.” Rakim concluded. Rakim then left the building, with left over fans cheering his name.

When rap was new in the late 80’s, early 90’s, it was about informing the world on what was going on in the streets, uplifting the urban community, and informing the people. Rakim was in the middle of this information firestorm. Known as the first established Muslim MC, he rapped with a calm power, or “quiet storm”, that had a major part in raising the hip hop community. This is why the Rakim Sacramento concert was a must see.

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OGs hit the dance floor at the Rakim Sacramento Concert

It was a night for all the Sactown OGs to get together and be Sactown OGs. The power of good hip hop is a binding force. Real hip hop brings people together.

That’s why the Sacramento streets (and beyond) are buzzing about the United Nations debut, self-titled album. Word on the street is that United Nations is going to save Sacramento hip hop. Real hip hop connects people. Many in Sacramento, including many in the hip hop community, want Sacramento’s second chance on top of the rap underground again. The Sacramento rap underground will thrive again, however,  it starts with lyrics that matter. United Nations has a heavy burden to bare. Are they up to it?

 sacramento rap united nations

United Nations

In Stores August 19th!

fah movement

Oji & The Ascension Team 9.16.14

Phonk Beta 10.21.14

First Degree & Brotha Lynch 11.18.14

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sacramento rap the come up emoe

Emoe TVee The Come Up Short Film

sacramento rap the come up emoe

Emoe TVee The Come Up

By Ricardo X For Fahrenheit Insight

The come-up was a completely random movie with plenty to offer. It has no computer animation, just a few friends that end up in the woods looking for Twenty Pounds of Marijuana. The whole movie was shot by one man (Emmanuel “E-MOE” Avery) who was simply out testing his new Video Camera Stabilizer for the day. Each character go by their real names in the movie so you really have to wonder if the production happens to real or fake the whole time.

The movie was a low-budget film in the style of an accidental documentary. In the introduction of the movie you learn that the tape was found after these three had gone missing in the forest. At first, you cant tell if its a commercial for a BBQ place or a movie but that quickly starts to change when one of the friends gets a phone call that changes their whole night. They end up in a stolen vehicle in the middle of the woods with nothing but a couple cellphone flashlights and pistols. Except in the end, they soon learn that even weapons didn’t help so much.

sacramento rap emoeEmoe, film maker

It all started from an idea originated from E-Moe of EMOETVEE who had contacted Brian at StinkyTuna Films about creating a movie. “The Come Up” was written and ready in just four hours with talk of making it an Improv movie that just needed to hit the bases of the script. June 7th 2014, The three met and set off on an adventure like no other. Before they knew it, it was midnight in the middle of the woods and they were searching for a come-up.

Only 46 minutes in length, but full of laughter and suspense. This movie is well worth the watch. So if you’re sitting online doing nothing like most Americans, go by Youtube and check out, “THE COME-UP”.

Link to the movie.

sacramento rap new edition concert

New Edition Sacramento Concert


sacramento rap new edition concert

New Edition Sacramento Concert

By NE Heartbreak Fan For Fahrenheit Insight

sacramento rap new edition show

Why I will always love New Edition…

The multi-platinum pop and R&B group New Edition wrapped up their summer tour with a West coast swing. The All Six Tour began in April 2014 in New York City and worked its way across the country over summer. I patiently waited for my concert date to arrive. I secretly burned with jealousy as friends in Atlanta, Philly and Phoenix posted their pictures online and how much fun they had. Then finally my concert date arrived. Everybody I knew had tickets: work friends, Sorors, friends from church, friends from high school, just everybody.

sacramento rap new edition tayla love

Tayla Love and friend take a “selfie”at the New Edition Sacramento Concert

That morning with great anticipation I carefully planned my outfit and accessories. My girlfriends and I strategically synchronized our watches to carpool, find parking and locate our seats early. While in the stands waiting for New Edition to take the stage, the DJ got the crowd hyped by spinning on the ones and twos. Despite the 100+ degree temperature, it was already perfect. Then it happened, the DJ stopped, the lights began to flash and Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny took the stage. They were dressed in all white with black vests and ballcaps.

sacramento rap new edition tiza nicole lenette

Ms. Nicole, Fahrenheit’s Miss Tiza, and Lenette enjoy premier seating at the New Edition Sacramento Concert

Their show was culmination of New Edition songs, solo hits by Bobby Brown, Ralph T and Johnny Gill and the off-shoot trio of Bell-Biv-Devoe. With each song they performed, the original music video played on a giant screen behind them. With one eye on the video and one eye on them, I noticed their choreography was still flawless. After thirty-years in the music industry, they hadn’t lost a step. Seeing their dance moves and singing all the lyrics to their songs, I realized why I will always love New Edition. The answer was simple. They make me feel young.


Forever yours,

NE Heartbreak Fan

(Reviewing The New Edition Sacramento Concert 2014)

Sacramento rap umoja festival

Umoja Festival 2014

Sacramento rap umoja festival

Seattle’s Umoja Festival 2014

Reviewed by Greg Double Of Fahrenheit Insight

I’m told Umoja Fest has been a reoccurring event for 30+ years in Seattle’s Central District, but somehow I hadn’t heard about it until this year.

Umoja = Unity, and this is exactly what this festival is about. Located in the heart of the CD along 23rd ave (Between Jackson & Judson) in Seattle, this weekend saw the ave lined with people sitting in lawn chairs and on blankets awaiting the annual Parade. You saw parents strapping elbow pads on their 7 year olds, and filming as their kids whizzed around the skatepark at Judkins Park. You saw hundreds of people filing in to watch young men playing hoop on the tandem bball courts. With multiple music stages and food trucks, people wandered through the festival with their families and absorbed their surroundings. I noticed a few people sitting around the outskirts of the park, just enjoying the sun, people watching, and the rare opportunity to relax and do nothing for a while.

The main reason I was attending the festival, is a few of my good friends had been invited to perform on Umoja Fest’s’ Hip Hop stage, so I went out to show support (and seize the opportunity to hand out flyers, and shoot some music video footage as well.)

When I arrived I found the Hip Hop stage, which had been setup in a fenced area that looked like it would have been used as tennis courts if not otherwise occupied; located just past the hoop courts. Fresh looking graffiti on the wall on my left read “Free Palestine” along with some famous quotes from the likes of Albert Einstein and an ex President regarding War, Peace and civilian casualties.

Sacramento rap umoja

Welcomed by the host; Veteran Hip Hop Poet/ Writer Josh Rizeberg of Tacoma, we gathered in front of the stage to hear the opening act (and i apologize at the moment I can only recall his name was Gregory) speak about Peace and Freedom, freeing Palestine, ending corrupt wars and occupations, and Power to the People.. Only briefly summarizing his complex political messages.

The next act, Skrilla, is a well known Hip Hop artist/ promoter from Tacoma who brought with him his young twin sons for their first ever opportunity to watch their father perform. His strong rhymes and catchy choruses echoed the message of the Struggle, life’s ups & downs, and maintaining a positive outlook throughout life’s hardships. After he thanked the crowd and went to relax with his family under protection of the shade, Rizeberg took to the Mic to introduce the next act; Influential Minds.

sacramento rap josh rizeberg awall umoja

 Seattle rap vet Awall & Fahrenheit’s Josh Rizeberg entertain at Umoja

Accompanied by a guest performer, a young lady who sounded amazing as she sang live (and did not hide behind pre recorded vocals), IM did their thing under the blazing sun and the shadow of the Blue Angel Jets flying over head; from the ever popular Seattle Seafair event which was taking place at nearby Lake Washington.


Next up was my good friend and label mate, Thunderchief, accompanied by 5ive 3re; who joined in to perform their song “Up Late”. Thunderchief, who can at times be a bit “wild” or “unconventional”; Delivered a more mature and positive message for the festival goers. With slow, serious instrumentals and clearly spoken lyrics, he spoke to the soul of the people. He even performed a well executed song which (he openly admits to the crowd), was completely freestyled and recorded “in his mommas shed”. When his time was up, he told the crowd he loved them all, thanked them for their undivided attention – then descended the stage in search of water on this still muggy Saturday afternoon.

sacramento rap thunderchief umoja

Fahrenheit /Blue Nose’s Thunderchief rocks the Umoja Festival 2014

Veteran Tacoma Rapper, Awall aka 2piece was next to take the stage. Sporting a camo bucket hat that matched his shorts, a Squashington Music Tee, and Seahawk colored Ken Griffey’s, he proceeded to rock the crowd in his typical impressive fashion. Speaking about positivity in the face of hardships similar to the others before him, he danced and entertained the crowd while the chorus sang “I am fearless, and I’m coming’ for that #1 spot”. After a few songs he was joined by the host of the stage, and standing alongside Josh Rizeberg, performed the last song of his set; speaking about everything from old school hip hop and how it inspired them, to political corruption, while delivering the uplifting “Power To The People” message that Rizeberg is known to live by (as well as stand up and fight for.)


The last act I saw perform was a Seattle artist known as The Sav, who was enjoying the buzz from his newly released album, handfuls of CDs at his side.

Then we slowly made our way out of the Hip Hop stage area, stopping to hand out flyers and chat with people, watch the kids getting down in the Skatepark, and relax in the grass for a bit before we headed home to BBQ and enjoy the (rare) Northwest sunshine. As I was walking to the truck people were still pouring into the park, seemingly centered around the basketball tournament still underway.

Overall it was an excellent event to be apart of, the entire area riding the good vibes of unity, neighbors bonding through similar interests and a sense of community. I left the festival with a positive feeling about our Northwest Hip Hop community, and our society in general. I will be a much more informed Umoja Festival attendee when i go next year.

Lead Photo By Tacoma’s Sic Ill

umoja fahrenheit insight

Seattle’s Umoja Festival, “The Mardi Gras Of The West”


umoja fahrenheit insight

Seattle’s Umoja Festival, “The Mardi Gras Of The West”

By Josh Rizeberg For Fahrenheit Insight

Seattle’s Umoja (Unity) Fest is the largest African-American Cultural Heritage celebration in the Pacific Northwest. Umoja Fest has been going on in Seattle, WA since the 1940’s! The festival and parade have grown so big and lively that the festival has been nicknamed the “Mardi Gras of the West”.

umoja seattle fahrenheit insight

Umoja Fest is full of delicious food, a skate-board competition, a basketball tournament, 2 stages of musical entertainment, venders, a parade, and children’s activities. There are nationally recognized artists selling their work and many booths full of hard to find books that will quest your thirst to know thy Self! Many families choose to have their annual family-reunions at Judkins Park during Umoja Fest – that’s how intertwined this event and the community are! The event is held at Judkins Park, in the heart of the Central District of Seattle, the Central District is historically home to the rich-history of Seattle’s African-American community.
It’s a full weekend of family-friendly fun, Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, Aug. 3rd! The weather is scheduled to be in the 80’s for both days of the event!

Fahrenheit Records’ Josh Rizeberg & Thunderchief will be participating in Seatle’s Umoja Festival. In addition, Greg Double will be filming a video at the Umoja Festival as well.

beanz n rize fahrenheit insight

Josh Rizeberg’s Beanz & Rize

Early 2015