Fahrenheit Radio, Wisdom Over The Airwaves From A World Away

Fahrenheit Radio Fahrenheit Insight

Fahrenheit Radio, Wisdom On The Airwaves From A World Away

By Harry Isaacs, South African Music Critic

Having been a fan of rap/hip hop coming out of Sacramento, California, I was excited, thrilled and pleasantly surprised when I came across First Degree The D.E. and his social network presence on Facebook.
What was even more surprising was that he actually interacted on a personal level with his fan base. My inquiry to purchase the Fahrenheit Records catalogue was greeted by no other than the man himself, and that to me was unbelievable. It took me some time to make the purchase but what happened in the meantime while I was saving up to make the planned purchase led to me discovering a movement that made me nostalgic for the golden era of Hip hop being the early to mid nineties. This discovery was Fahrenheit Radio.

b legit first degree fahrenheit radio

B-Legit & First Degree The D.E. on Fahrenheit Radio

First Degree The D.E. turned me onto Fahrenheit Radio, online rap radio, and his blogs, after having followed him on social networks. At first, it was a challenge tuning in. It took a while because in South Africa we do not have the proper infrastructure to stream online in a real way. However, I was finally able to tune in. I was even more amazed at the depth of the conversations that I listened to while tune into The Fahrenheit Hour Urban Talk Show. Wisdom was passed down to us from the likes of Unc Imo, whom I did not know about until tuning in. I was also interested in The Urban Watch Series as well as the songs in the Fahrenheit catalogue that I did not even know.

Fahrenheit Hour Talk Show

First Degree The D.E. of The Fahrenheit Hour

In South Africa, radio is programmed and stale. The music sucks, the discussions always borders on being racist, and they hardly keep one entertained. So I was pleased to be able to tune out to the garbage and tune into a more universal discussion. One that MATTERS. An online rap radio station with Purpose that addresses the social issues not only in Sac but in many parts of the world. I felt proud again to be listening to a station that united, instead of divided people according to whatever the status quo is currently.

For a time, I felt alone in feeling like the rap game had gone to the dogs so to say. Skinny jeans, dress wearing, and whack beat hip hop dominated the airwaves and still does. I am glad there is still a haven for real hip hop heads to have some real discussions, to be able to interact with their artists, and to support a movement that will always enlighten.

unc imo Fahrenheit Hour

Unc Imo of The Fahrenheit Hour

As we all take this journey along with First Degree The D.E., Unc Imo, BeGee and the rest of the Sacramento rap pioneers, we will be enlightened. Online rap radio station, Fahrenheit Radio has provided insight, vision, conversation, music, loyalty and a search for the truth that is universal to all of us making our way through this crazy messed up spinning rock.

Thanks D.E. for keeping it real, truthful and on point. Shots out to the Fahrenheit family and The Shlangz. I will be visiting in 2016 if all goes well.


Fahrenheit Radio is an online rap radio station based out of Sacramento, California in the United States. You can listen to Fahrenheit Radio on by clicking the Fahrenheit Radio link on FahRadio.com. Fahrenheit Radio is also available on Windows Media, iTunes Radio, and the TuneIn mobile app.


harry isaacs Fahrenheit Insight

Harry Isaacs is a music critic based out of Western Cape, South Africa