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A Jewish Voice For Peace

By Josh Rizeberg For Fahrenheit Insight

I am Jewish. I have only been to Israel/Palestine twice in my life. There I learned that the African/Ethiopian darker-skinned Jews suffered from the same white-supremacy that there is in AmeriKKKa. The Ethiopian Jews were mistreated, oppressed, kept in poverty, and demonized with unfair stereotypes. The middle-eastern Jews & Sephardic Jews who look Arab, were also treated lower than the Ashkenazi or European-White looking Jews. The Sephardim & Middle-Eastern Jews have less power in the Israeli government & in society in general. The lighter-skinned, white-looking Jews of European/Ashkenazi descent are on top of the food-chain. They control the government & are the higher-income Jews of Israel.

The Palestinians are Arab/Middle-Eastern descent & are darker-skinned than the Ashkenazi/European Jews. So basically, white/Ahskenazi-Jews from Europe have colonized the land and the people. They are imperialists. They are the minority but they control the resources of the region. I ask my fellow Jews, how do ya’ll fucking ignore that! How can ya convince yourselves that Zionism is not part of global White-Supremacy! Wake the fuck-up my Jewish Brotha’s & Sista’s. The proof is in the pudding. White-looking Jews are capitalizing off the poverty of darker-skinned people. Not to mention only a dozen + Israeli Jews have died in the last “conflict” compared to hundreds of Palestinians. It is an unfair fight.


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